DIY Planner Dividers

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Well today I decided to make myself some dividers for my Dokibook A5 planner. Which of course at the A5 size will be interchangeable between my Dokibook planner and my Large Kikki K planner!!

Without knowing what I want to put into my Dokibook A5 yet it was a bit of guess as to how many tabs to do. The Dokibook planner came with eight dividers but I knew I probably wouldn’t need that many and went for six.

Also, I might make a YouTube video showing the process of making these.

How I made them:

  • Basically I printed off some patterns I found by looking up “Free 12×12 Paper Patterns”, adjusted it on an A4 sized document and printed it on A4 sized paper. I then folded and glued the two sides together, therefore making a double-sided patterned A5 sized piece of paper.
  • For the Tabs I simply measured out roughly the size I wanted and cut them out of white card stock (thicker paper), then placed and glued them to the patterned paper where I wanted them.
  • Then I punched the holes using my 6mm single hole punch with a existing punched piece of paper as my guide.
  • I then warmed up my laminator, put the dividers into sheets of laminate and through the laminator they went! After that, I went to my straight cutter machine and cut around the edges of each divider making sure to NOT slice off the tab!!! For the tabs I just cut around them with scissors.
  • Finally I re-punched the holes and voila!

Here they are below:

Below are the dividers in my A5 sized Dokibook planner. There are six different patterns I used to create them.




Below shows the final product a bit closer up. As you can see, I made sure to round to corners to prevent stabbing myself with them! Ever got yourself with a laminated sheet freshly cut corner? Ouch!


And finally, below, a close up of the tabs. I just cut out the shapes I wanted from a bit of white card stock placed and glued them on to the patterned sheets and laminated, then cut away the excess laminated sheet bits.


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