Kikki.K Planner Perforated Peach – Unboxing

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I recently indulged and purchased a Medium Perforated Peach Kikki.K Planner for myself!

I had a go at ordering online this time, since my last purchase of my Large Ocean Planner from Kikki.K was an in-store one. I was not disappointed, shipping wise it came 3 days earlier than the day I expected! And in addition to that, the packaging was amazing. I never got a box with my Large Ocean as it was one of the last two they had in stock at the store, so experiencing a Kikki.K right out of the box was a new one for me! Thoroughly enjoyed of course.

Check out the gallery below of step by step photos of the box opening process! …

So, with that said and done, I’m off to do some planning with my planners <3

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