Silhouette Unboxing & First print and cut!

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Well, I finally got my Silhouette Portrait in the post today! Not that I had to wait long, but any amount of waiting when it comes to online shopping is long enough heheh….

This is how I received it, so exciting… no question as to what it was.



Ta da! The Silhouette Portrait!



Other side of the packaging….03


After opening the box, with the machine itself and the bits and pieces…



The Portrait open after removing the packing tape which held the mechanism in place for shipping…



Could not wait to use this thing!



I was quick to get it setup and going, using my sticker sheets I had designed previously on awaiting the machine. I was disappointed with the first cut as it simply didn’t cut, then I realised that the cap around the blade had come loose – so after tightening that I found it was fine and worked perfectly.



First print and cut, final result. The outside cut of this sheet is a bit rough, that was mainly due to me not setting the blade settings correctly. But the stickers themselves work perfectly!



Check out those stickers! Whoohoo!



I am extremely happy with my Silhouette Portrait. It works great with the two types of sticker paper I have on hand. I just need to work with the settings a bit more to get even better cuts!


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