Stationery & Planner Haul #1

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Thought I’d share some of the stationary items I’ve picked up recently over various shopping trips. On to the haul!….

1General overview of all items, forgetting the paper below…

11500 sheets of 100gsm printing paper. I wasn’t too fussed on brand, I was more focused on getting 100gsm paper. From Officeworks.

10Rounded corner punch, from Target, got to have a rounded corner punch!

9I was chasing small correction tape, as small as I could find. I got these Artline Edit ones from Officeworks.

8Sticky notes! I had to get these when I saw them. Under $5 at K-Mart!

7Cute tin to!

6New cutters for my slice cutter from Officeworks.

5Ahhh! my first washi set, picked these up from K-Mart!

4Patterns of the washi

2Story behind this cutting mat. I wanted one that wasn’t the green like most of them. Officeworks had some nice grey ones but were wanting an amount I wasn’t prepared to spend on an A3 cutting mat. While in K-Mart I found this black A3 mat for just over $5! Score. I won’t be using it to cut per say it will mainly be used for a background in drawing/planner videos. At least that’s what I’m thinking, still not sure yet.

3The front is rather contrasted with the cutting lines in white and the black mat, if I will use this to film it will be this other side.

12Finally, a simple Desk Bin! I’ve been hunting around for something simple for paper scraps etc to use on my desk and then found this at Officeworks. It’s the J.Burrows 1 Litre Desktop Bin. It doesn’t come with liners or anything, I used a plastic shopping bag, cut it down and used that, hence the frilly white liner bit haha….

Thank you for checking out this post. Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more hauls like this one, or better! I know this haul wasn’t particularly exciting but if you are reading this you are most likely a planner person and planner people love stationary not matter if it’s as simple as correction tape or as exciting as washi/sticky notes/stickers etc… at least I do! haha

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